Contributed by: Jason Schultz

Grinder Jason Schultz sends in this incredible tip for those of you that want to practice drawing back your bow without risking sending an arrow through your brand new flatscreen, lol.

First, there may be some of you asking “why in the heck would I draw my bow with an arrow on it inside my house?” The school of thought is that a person should never draw back their bow without an arrow nocked on the string. Reason being, if you have a malfunction of your release (whether a mechanical release or your fingers) you risk a dry fire and possibly damaging or blowing up your bow.

With that said, many archers practice their draw for a whole bunch of reasons as well as just to strengthen and practice drawing back. So, that brings up two concerns; safety and preventing a dry fire. Safety wise, If you must draw back your bow with an arrow nocked, insure that you have a safe backdrop in case of any malfunction. For those of you that just want to be able to strengthen and work on your draw, our buddy Jason Schultz has a fantastic and inexpensive way of preventing a dry fire.

Six dollars could save you from some expensive headaches!

Just go online or visit your local Home Depot store and purchase a Velcro brand “Easy Hang”. It runs just under six dollars and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs or even a new bow. Just run the metal clip through your D-Loop, stick your hand through the strap and hold the strap and clip as you pull. All flat screens tv’s are now completely safe!

Thank you Jason for that great tip!

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