Elkbros is a blue collar elk hunting site for people of all skill levels.

It’s for those that have never picked up a bow or a gun and want to learn how to hunt elk for the first time, to the hunters that may have been hunting elk for years, they love it, and still want to find ways to be more successful.

We love to hunt elk and our goal is to share what we have learned grinding it out for over 35 years doing what we love. Hunting elk on public land.

ElkBros is about friendships, the honor of the hunt and the lessons learned in over three decades of early mornings, sleep deprived nights, real and dreamed up bugles, lots of mistakes and just as many successes.

Our feet have covered thousands of miles of up and down mountains, hills and some of the rockiest and roughest terrain you will ever come across. We have hunted in and experienced every kind of weather you can think of, often times in clothing that really didn’t match the conditions. Our hardships become your benefit.

ElkBros is about introducing others to the magic of the outdoors and hopefully giving you the gift of skill sets, attitude and mentality that will become a permanent part of your life. It is our hope that from this, each of you will experience a more rich, fulfilled and soul enriching life. If that happens, then we have done our job.

Welcome to ElkBros!

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  1. Luis A. Gonzalez

    So true Joe and Chav! You guys are the real deal, thank you for your friendship, mentorship and so many lessons.

  2. I have learned soooooo much from Joe and Chav. Great guys with a passion to coach. Listen to them, learn from them and it will increase your odds of success tremendously.

  3. Kyle Skaletski

    Love the content guys!! Thank you for posting videos with real substance when it comes to elk hunting. I’m taking on OTC archery elk this year for the first time and your content has already made me more confident. Keep the great info coming!

    1. ElkBros

      Thanks for the positive feedback Kyle! Good luck this season….EEeeeeeeeuuuuuugh!

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