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There is nothing more contagious or inspiring than pure, down deep, touch your soul kinda love for what you do! And when it comes to elk hunting and helping others to gain elk hunting knowledge, increase their success opportunities and have memories that will change their lives forever, you will know from the very first moment that you listen to, see or learn from any of the ElkBros that this is exactly the guys that you want to be around and learn from. 

Look, if you are a Brand, Company, Product or Event in the Elk Hunting Industry that wants to be known for REAL dependability, value built upon REAL values and REAL passion for what you do, then you want to partner with someone that embodies and represents exactly that. And they don’t come any more real than the ElkBros! 

Who We Are

Blue Collar, Grit, Persistence, Work Ethic, Loyalty, Pride, Honor, Camaraderie and good Ol’ American Know How! Just some of the words that have been strung together to represent what ElkBros is all about. We don’t just believe, we KNOW what it takes to be successful. In the Elk Woods and in Life! The ElkBros Brand is all about grinding, being a life long learner, believing and achieving. Doing what it takes to get it done. Working hard to do the things that we love!
ElkBros is not just a Brand.
ElkBros is a LifeStyle.

Whether someone is a new, aspiring or experienced elk hunter, our BCEA Online Training Camps will help them become more confident, better skilled and consistently more successful in the elk woods. As with any athlete, our focus is to train, instruct and prepare folks for all aspects of the hunt. Using a Unique Coaching Approach and a  Success Based Learning Model ,  our goal is to develop hunt specific skill sets, physical and mental fitness while also teaching what is expected of a responsible and ethical hunter.  
So just come on in and set a spell.
Welcome to Elk Camp!

In our infancy as a new podcast, only two years old, our podcast is currently averaging over 26,000 downloads a month with a listening audience in over 8000 US cities and 78 Countries. The Blue Collar Elk Hunting podcast has struck a huge nerve with Elk Hunters across the United States. We live to hunt elk, and like our listeners we work hard for our pay to do the things we love. So our goal is to share with them all of our tips, techniques, as well as tried and true strategies we have learned grinding it out on a budget for over 39 seasons.

350,000 plus – Downloads Since March, 2019 – Currently on record pace to do in less than 6 months what took a year previously
25,000 plus – Monthly Downloads  
6,000 plus – Weekly Downloads
8,000 plus – US Cities with listeners

We Are Your Elk Hunting Coaches! and the Blue Collar Elk Hunting Academy & Podcasts are our coaching tools for new, aspiring or experienced elk hunters.
Those “Joe-Lunchbox” hunters that work hard everyday to do the things they love.
Our goal is to share all our tips, techniques, tried and true strategies we
learned grinding it out on a budget for over 39 seasons.
People want to hunt elk….we live to hunt elk

Elk Hunting Popularity

THOUSANDS of hunters want the elk hunting experience...

In Kentucky, 79,768 applications were entered for a chance at one of 700 general quota elk hunting permits.

More than 38,000 hunters have applied for a chance to get just four (4) permits to hunt elk in far northern Wisconsin.

According to the RMEF, Elk hunters outspend all other big game hunters on guides, food, lodging, licenses & tags.

In 2016, Montana hunters combined for 1,047,000 total days hunting elk.

228,390: Tags sold for elk in 2017. The most hunted mammal in Colorado

Non-Residents submtted 23,080 full price elk applications for the 7,250 total licenses allocated in Wyoming for 2017

Idaho elk tag sales have increased for the last five years and exceeded 100,000 annually since 2015.

Our Coaching Skill-set is Key

Our personal skill-sets come from our previous careers as high achieving teachers and sport coaches combined with over 39 successful years of hunting public land for elk in New Mexico. We are coaches, that’s what we do… and we don’t do “average”.
Our leader and founder, Joe Giglia has taken 36 elk with his bow in the last 39 seasons hunting New Mexico public land and has over twenty years experience as a professional elk guide. Joe prides himself in having always been a “coaching” elk guide and brings that same love for coaching and teaching, along with his passion for elk hunting, to each and every seminar, podcast and video he does.

With the demand for elk hunting opportunities at an all time high driving a billion dollar industry, there are young and old, men and women, beginners as well as intermediate and experienced hunters that are all looking for ways to either learn about elk hunting for the first time or wanting tips and strategies to become more successful. Through our BCEA Online Training Camps, our Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast and our associated ElkBros YouTube Channel…  ElkBros is a key to that success.

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