Our Blue Collar Elk Academy is under development, but we are just as excited as you are to get you signed up and on your way to a successful 2020 Season!
Be sure to check out the information below and our Course Pages.
Once completed, we will be announcing the opening day on our Podcasts and YouTube Channel. SO STAY TUNED!!

Increase Skill-Sets


Whether you are a new, aspiring or experienced elk hunter, our BCEA Online Training Camps will help you become more confident, better skilled and consistently more successful in the elk woods. As with any athlete, our focus is to train, instruct and prepare you for all aspects of the hunt. Using a Success Based Learning Model,  our goal is to develop your hunt specific skill sets, your physical and mental fitness while also teaching what is expected of a responsible and ethical hunter.   

Tactics, Strategies,Tips


When it comes to equipment & gear, 100% of this year’s elk hunters will be hunting with everything they need to get it done, but only approximately 10% of them will fill their tag. Y’all, when it comes to success, it’s not gear that separates one hunter from another. It’s Knowledge, Know How, Confidence, Mental and Physical preparation that makes the difference!

Your best investment for success on your upcoming elk hunt is to invest in yourself as a hunter. Invest in those abilities and skill sets that are going to differentiate you from the pack, giving you the best chance to be that 1 out of 10.

Sharing knowledge


Your head instructor and coach, Joe Giglia, has taken 34 elk with his bow in the last 36 seasons hunting New Mexico state land and has over twenty years experience as a professional elk guide. A retired educator and coach, Joe prides himself in having always been a “coaching” elk guide and brings that same love for coaching and teaching, along with his passion for elk hunting, to each and every lesson, video and podcast he does.

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