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Welcome to Elk Camp!

We are so excited to have you here and get you on the road to your journey of an adventure like no other. Hunting Elk!

The Blue Collar Elk Academy has been a dream for your Elk Hunting Coach, Joe Giglia. An opportunity to use his skill sets and combine his passions for Teaching,  Coaching and Elk Hunting so that others can have the same experiences that created so many incredible memories in his own life.

So lock and load…cause here we GO!

How To Navigate Your Training Camp....LET'S GRIND Y'ALL!

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COMPONENT 1 – Closing the Deal

COMPONENT 2 – Setup for Success

COMPONENT 3 – A Response! What’s next?


COMPONENT 4 – Calling Elk


COMPONENT 5 – Finding Elk
COMPONENT 6  – Understanding Elk
COMPONENT 8 – After the Shot
COMPONENT 9  – Where do I start?
COMPONENT 10 – Equipment & Gear
COMPONENT 11 – Physical Fitness
COMPONENT 12 – Mindset and Mental Fitness




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