What is the Blue Collar Elk Academy?

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Your Success Strategy!

One Full Year of Access!

Your purchase of one of our Academy Training Camps, or one of our combination plans, gives you ONE FULL YEAR of access to that Camp’s Content.

Training For Every Level

Our Training Camps are built to help any elk hunter at any level develop their skill sets and take their game to the next level. By providing three different levels of training, our Camps allow you to learn and improve upon your current knowledge and skill set without either overwhelming or underwhelming.  Each Training Camp is tailored to your level and growth.

Base, Spike & Summit...Training Camps!

The foundation of our training, our BaseCamp Online Course, gives the beginning and even experienced hunters ALL that they need to be ready and successful once the course is completed. It is the total package and covers all aspects needed to get you in the woods this fall. From there, our SpikeCamp and SummitCamps are designed to build from your base and introduce higher level and more advanced thought processing, techniques and skill sets.

Invest in Your Success

Your best investment for success on your upcoming elk hunt is to invest in yourself as a hunter. Our Training Camps are your solution to invest in those abilities and skill sets that are going to differentiate you from the pack.  Giving you the best chance to be that 1 out of 10 hunter that punches your tag this season!


With almost 40 years of combined Hunting, Guiding and Teaching experience, your Coach will help you flatten the learning curve.


Just hunters teaching hunters.  Sharing skill sets and techniques from years of doing what they love. You will feel like one of the crew around the campfire. 


Your Coach believes in giving you the tools, confidence and inspiration that drives the PASSION! He knows when that happens, SUCCESS will then take care of itself. 





We are offering our first Training Camp for a Limited Time Introductory Price of $50. One-Third off the Everyday Price!
This offer will expire after all 12 components are added and the price will go to $75. Purchase the Training Camp now and renew for life at your intro rate. You have the subscription for 1 year and access to each and every one of the additional EIGHT MORE COMPONENTS as they are added AND renew for life at the discount rate!

" To share your camp and pass on lessons learned through the years, is the greatest way to honor those that shared their passions and those special moments in the camps of your memories." JG