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Giveaway Entries accepted from March 16th to 11:59pm Mountain Time, May 9th.

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Get one(1) automatic entry into our Giveaway and give the perfect gift to becoming a more successful elk hunter.  A one year subscription gift card to the ElkBros BaseCamp Online Training Camp insures your favorite elk hunter has that winning factor. The secret to all elk hunting successes… Elk Hunting Knowledge!

The foundation of our training is our BaseCamp Online Training Course. First and foremost, giving the beginning and even experienced hunters ALL that they need to be ready and successful. The total package. Because it covers all aspects needed for success in the woods this fall.

In other words, your best investment for success on your upcoming elk hunt is to invest in yourself as a hunter. Our BaseCamp Training Camp is your solution to do just that. Investing in those abilities and skill sets that will differentiate you from the pack.  Above all, giving you the best chance to be that 1 out of 10 hunter punching a tag this season!